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How it Work’s ?

Water from air filters the air and passes it across a cold surface which transforms the vapor in the air into a condensate (water).



INNOTEK Water Making Machine has the following qualities.. as per IS : 10500 : 991 & IS : 456 : 2000 standard.


Revolutionize of Safe Drinking Water

Universal access to safe drinking WATER is a fundamental need and human right, which is currently a big concern for most of us globally and it is increasing day by day. The available/distributed  WATER is either contaminated or unhygienic in spite of  purification done on various methods.

We have always wanted to revolutionize the idea of SAFE DRINKING WATER and envisioned this global social problem as an opportunity  to address this massive problem of our society, and came up with the solution i.e. Portable Water which is abundant in Atmospheric moisture.

WATER can be generated from Air  by plugging INNOTEK  WATER MAKING MACHINE, to power to start getting PUREST form of water anywhere your desired place anytime.

Our Technology

Innotek WMM,  uses cooling condensation method to extract water from Air. Natural air containing moisture is filtered for suspended particles, through a 12 Micron Micro static air filter. A refrigeration cycle is used to cool the filtered air at 4 to 5 degree Celsius, thereby initiating the condensation process. The condensed water is further filtered through specially designed water filters to remove the dissolved Organic pollutants, resulting in a Fully Potable International standard water of highest quality.

Benefits & Quality

Innotek WMM

provides International Quality Potable water generated from air.

No Ground water or any other source water required

You get pure drinking water even during water scarcity

Zero Effluents and Zero Pollution

Reduces Plastic wastage