How It Works – Technology

Atmospheric Water Generation is the process of extracting moisture from Air.

When air below the clouds gets cold, the clouds condense into rain due to heat exchange. Similarly, Water from air filters the air and passes it across a cold surface which transforms the vapor in the air into a condensate (water). On further filtration, we extract 100 % pure drinking water.

Water generally gets contaminated by bacteria when it comes in contact with the ground. Since Water from air extracts water from air, our water is naturally more pure than other sources.

Ground water is a limited resource but Atmospheric moisture is not. By extracting water from air, we not only save ground water but also reduce your dependence on it.

Atmospheric Water Generation work effectively, even at low relative humidity levels such as 50%, and ambient temperature, in shade, of 90-95 degrees


No Need to Transport Water from One Place to another place, When you have an excellent opportunity to generate water almost wherever you need with the help of Innotek Water Making Machine designed by Innovative Teknologies.

Water – The Elixir of life

Water from the Air lives and breathes with the philosophy that “Water – The Elixir of life”. Our Indian team strives to be the best in providing a pure drinking water solution to the world’s population.

Water is simply something that humans cannot live without, and with the stress now on over population, climate change and pollution; we believe we can offer an extra solution for people to harvest their own pure drinking water directly from source.

We know we are providing a valuable resource to our customers, and therefore have measures and goals on providing high quality machines and a service to match.